Discover how much more you can do with eMoyo EMR software, the full-featured patient management system behind KUDUwave™ portable audiometry systems.

The Full-Featured Patient Management System

Behind KUDUwave’s audiological testing and streamlined patient management system is the eMoyo EMR software that comes absolutely free with the purchase of any KUDUwave audiometry system. The eMoyo EMR software was developed through a perfecting process over 10 years and truly takes into consideration the needs of today’s busy hearing  healthcare professionals. It brings together the latest technologies, speeding up repetitive tasks and leaving more time for practitioners to spend on patient care and clinical work.

Easily move from patient data capture to audiometry testing with the eMoyo EMR software’s full-featured patient management system. Speed up patient processing with the Assistive Interpreter which provides support for practitioners’ diagnoses. Store, backup, and share encrypted data on the go. The eMoyo EMR software’s tele-audiology feature crosses geographical barriers allowing practitioners to offer audiometry services across the globe without having to travel to any destination.

eMoyo EMR Software Features

Core Audiology Test Battery

The eMoyo EMR software includes Speech Audiometry and Pure Tone Audiometry (with Bone conduction and Air conduction). Manual and automatic modes allow practitioners to choose how they want to conduct the testing. Let the software take care of testing for you with automated audiometry so that you can attend to patient care or clinical work.

Seamless Integrative System

From capturing patient information to testing, file storage and even assistance in interpreting results, the eMoyo EMR software system is one of its kind and serves as a practitioner’s true assistant.


The eMoyo EMR software comes with pre-set protocols or new ones can be created by using macros. Set the macros to test within the parameters you desire. This feature is helpful and can save a lot of time in a school or industrial setting where standard compliance requirements must be met. Set it on automatic or manual mode, whichever works for you.

Smarter Folders, Customized Functionality

Practitioners can define the testing process and required inputs using the macro functionality by selecting a folder and choosing from the smart folder type options. Subsequently, all folders within that group will be defined by the set protocol. This minimizes possible errors in compliance for a particular testing category and maximizes efficiency.

Assistive Interpretation

Easy and accurate audiometric results can be achieved through referencing multiple standards like ASHA, BSHA, SANS, OSHA, Katz, and WHO. This feature allows practitioners to interpret results more quickly. Practitioners can automatically calculate interpretations for Pure Tone Audiometry, Standard Threshold Shift, Ototoxicity Interpretation, PLH Interpretation and Tympanometry Automatic Classification.

Seamless Patient Management System

The eMoyo EMR software allows for seamless synchronization of patient records across devices, teams, and internal departments. Anyone within your team can view audiometric test results on the go from any location using a Cloud Storage System such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive. This integrated system avoids error in duplication of files and time lost in locating files.

Experience Testing Success With The KUDUwave Audiometry

System Powered by eMoyo EMR Software

To use the eMoyo EMR software, simply fill in the form and we will send you a link to download the file. Click on the link to install the free software on your PC. The eMoyo EMR software works on Windows version 7 and higher. You will need three USB ports. Simply plug your KUDUwave audiometer into the USB ports and start using it. The eMoyo EMR software is designed to be intuitive, making it simpler for practitioners to conduct audiometric testing.

There is no license fee, no installation charge, and updates are free forever. The KUDUwave Academy  provides video content to make sure you know everything there is to know about using the KUDUwave audiometry system. A proficiency certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course. Additional training may be available on request especially when new updates and features are rolled out.

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