The KUDUwave Pro was engineered out of a deep desire to restore the hearing of more and more people. This portable audiometer takes high-frequency audiological testing to the next level, offering new and numerous service potential for practitioners.

High Frequency Audiometry

The KUDUwave Pro is designed for advanced audiometry testing that is required for early detection of hearing loss. The system is capable of testing high frequency of up to 16kHz and is the perfect choice for professional audiologists. It can also monitor ototoxicity in patients suffering from cancer or MDR-TB.

Our proprietary Ambi-Dome™ technology blocks sound in four stages introducing true sound booth portability for audiological testing and diagnostics. The KUDUwave Pro has been proven to perform with speed and accuracy, providing the ideal solution for high-frequency audiometry such as hearing conservation programs, audiology practices, and ototoxicity monitoring programs. The KUDUwave Pro is easy to carry, weighing less than pound. The integrated audiometry system brings boothless audiology to patients by enabling audiologists to expand their offerings in numerous ways.

KUDUwave Pro Features

Testing & Interpretation

The KUDUwave Pro includes pure tone, bone conduction and high-frequency testing with masking and speech. Interpreting results is easier, quicker, and more accurate with the Assistive Interpretation feature which references multiple standards to interpret audiogram results such as ASHA, BSHA, SANS, OSHA, Katz, and WHO.

Active Noise Monitoring

The KUDUwave Pro is engineered to catch ambient noise levels that can affect testing. On automatic mode, the KUDUwave can be programmed to re-test if ambient noises interrupt the testing. Testing can be paused manually to adjust noise levels.

Manual/Automation Modes

Screening more patients in a shorter amount of time with absolute accuracy is possible with KUDUwave’s advanced automation capabilities. Repetitive tasks are made easy with advanced automation that also improves efficiency and accuracy.

Intuitive Technology

With KUDUwave’s intuitive technology, minimal training is required to use it. Both healthcare practitioners and technicians are able to use KUDUwave with ease.

Versatile Mobility

KUDUwave Pro can be used in schools, rural and industrial areas as easily as it can be used in ICU wards and audiology practices. The automated settings make it possible for patients to self-test even at home.

Paperless Patient Records Management

The eMoyo EMR software behind the KUDUwave audiometer streamlines the entire patient process right from capturing patient information to customized reporting. The automated system helps eliminates errors and allows practitioners to access and share patient records on the go.

We’re All About Restoring The

Ability To Hear

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) over 900 million people (that’s about one in every 10 people) around the world will experience some form of debilitating hearing loss by 2050. About 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss due to being exposed to high levels of noise pollution at recreational settings. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that more than 30% of the elderly suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss impacts lives on several levels. Hearing loss can lead to isolation, loss of livelihood, relationship problems, and a decline in cognitive abilities.

How Can KUDUwave Pro Help Practitioners?

KUDUwave Pro is the only cost-effective portable audiometry system in the market. The system can be used for rural outreach programs, industrial testing, bedside testing in hospital wards, mobile medical service providers, onsite clinics, or in private homes. The KUDUwave Pro is the ideal solution for high-frequency audiometry such as hearing conservation programs, audiology practices, and ototoxicity monitoring programs alike.

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