The portable KUDUwave Pro TMP introduces integrated bilateral tympanometry for the very first time in the history of audiology. KUDUwave Pro TMP offers twice the value of any standard audiometer by providing dual tympanometers integrated into each KUDUwave ear cup.

Integrated Bilateral Tympanometer

The KUDUwave Pro TMP enables audiologists to conduct simultaneous, bilateral tympanometry for the first time in history. The KUDUwave Pro TMP integrates tympanometry and acoustic stapedius reflex measurement functionality. Dual tympanometers are integrated into each KUDUwave earcup.

The KUDUwave has already made giant strides in the world of audiometry with its ground-breaking Ambi-Dome™ technology that dispenses the need for expensive soundproof booths. It has ushered in an age of mobile audiometry. The Ambi-Dome technology uses four-stage sound blocking technology. Its Active Noise Monitoring automatically pauses testing when there are ambient noises and resumes testing when noise levels return to normal.


KUDUwave Pro TMP Features

Automatic Bilateral Tympanometry

Dual tympanometers in each KUDUwave Pro TMP earcup enables automatic bilateral tympanometry – never before achieved till now. This reduces testing time significantly. Automatic bilateral tympanometry also makes it easier to test children.

No Need to Switch Ears During Testing

The KUDUwave Pro TMP has dual tympanometers enabling audiologists to conduct tympanometry of both ears simultaneously without having to switch ears. The tympanograms can be seen in real-time on the same set of axes. Audiologists can easily compare the results reviewing both data sets in a single view.

Quality and Efficiency

The eMoyo EMR software behind the KUDUwave audiometer provides quality assurance through automatic seal checking which also aids in speeding up the testing process. The software features assistive test classification that makes it easy to use the KUDUwave and helps to ensure precision and efficiency.

Testing of Eustachian Tube Function

Multiple tympanograms can be displayed for each ear. Audiologists can easily switch between results or delete any results using their discretion enabling intuitive testing of the Eustachian Tube Function.

Diagnostic Reflex Measurements Features

Measure Reflex Decay

The KUDUwave Pro TMP has the ability to measure reflex decay via continuous stimulation at 10dB above the ART, helpful in discovering or confirming retro-cochlear pathology

Personalized Stimuli Testing

Testing can be with Broadband or pure tones (500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz). The stimuli can be personalized – it can be pushed or continuous and the duration can be at the discretion of the clinician.

View Measurement History

The eMoyo EMR software behind the KUDUwave Pro TMP can store multiple reflex thresholds for each ear and specific test frequency. This information can be used to compare reflexes produced at various intensities and for drawing out valuable data from ipsilateral and contralateral measurements.

Left/Right Ear Testing with a Simple Click

The KUDUwave Pro TMP has introduced a new era in ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex testing. With speakers (probe tones) and microphones on both sides, the dual pneumatic systems enable ipsi- and contralateral reflex measurements to be taken without having to swap the probe tip and activator-stimuli tip (headset).

Easy To Setup

The KUDUwave Pro TMP is easy to setup with a repeatable first-time seal.

How Can KUDUwave Pro TMP Help Audiologists and Clinicians?

The KUDUwave Pro TMP with its dual tympanometers offers twice the value of a standard audiometer making it a very cost-effective investment with significant return. It also makes testing easier in industrial and school settings. Use the automatic mode option to set defined testing parameters and let the KUDUwave Pro TMP work for you while you focus on patient care.

The KUDUwave patient care management system reduces time spent on administrative tasks and allows access to patient data on the go.

With the KUDUwave Pro TMP, audiologists are able to expand their existing suite of services to include tele-audiology. Grow more business and expand your clientele.

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