The KUDUwave Prime uses innovative technology that has taken audiological screening out of the booth. This novel invention has broken geographical barriers making portable audiometry possible almost anywhere.

A Revolutionary Technology

The KUDUwave Prime is a completely boothless audiometer for precision audiological screening. Boothless audiometry is enabled by groundbreaking Ambi-Dome™ noise-cancelling technology making KUDUwave the first integrated, completely mobile audiometry system of its kind.

The KUDUwave Prime offers rapid pure tone air conduction testing with speed and accuracy making it the perfect screening tool for high volume industrial, school, and wellness day screening. Bring people to your practice or take your practice to wherever they are – the KUDUwave Prime is highly versatile to meet the needs of today’s occupational healthcare professionals.

The entire KUDUwave system is contained in a lightweight headset, amazingly weighing less than a pound. Just plug the KUDUwave into your portable computer. Once installed, the eMoyo EMR software is easy to use with features that empower healthcare professionals to meet the demands of today’s patient care.

KUDUwave Prime Features

Intuitive Technology

The KUDUwave audiometry systems use a Plug & Play (USB) hardware and a Windows-based software that is easy to install and setup. The software has been engineered for intuitive learning. Operating the KUDUwave Prime takes very little training, and results in accurate, compliant testing.

Boothless Testing

The Ambi-Dome technology eliminates the need for static hardware and expensive sound-proof booths. Those are now obsolete with the four-stage Active Sound Monitoring system that KuduWave Prime offers. Ambient noise levels are monitored and the KUDUwave system will report any noise interference during testing and will allow you to automatically or manually pause testing to adjust noise levels that are not ideal.

Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are required to meet the high-volume demands of occupational health and safety testing. The KUDUwave Prime is a revolutionary solution that enables automatic testing leaving healthcare professionals with more time to care for patients.

Automatic/Manual Protocols

Testing can be set to automatic or manual mode to meet the needs of the practitioner and patient. Customized automatic testing can save the practitioner time and manpower. Repetitive tasks can be eliminated improving testing accuracy and efficiency. Automated features include threshold seeking pure tone air conduction testing.

Patient Management and Medical Record Suite

The KUDUwave booth-free audiometry system enables practitioners to synchronize, store and back up their files. The Windows-based software makes it easy to use. This is a unified platform that is able to capture patient data, conduct testing, capture test results and offer assistive interpretation to confirm the practitioner’s diagnosis.

True Mobility, True Portability

Being lightweight and sturdy, the KUDUwave Prime is easy to travel with. No need to arrange for expensive booths to be taken to the site. Carry boothless technology with you wherever you go. Practitioners are enabled to expand and grow their practice with ease.

The Inspiration Behind KUDUwave

Help More People Hear

The inspiration behind the KUDUwave innovation was always to empower practitioners to do more, expand more testing, mitigate more hearing loss. As Helen Keller has once said, “Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.” We believe more screening will emancipate the hearing-impaired from their isolation. It can also save people from losing their jobs through intervention treatment such as Assistive Listening Devices (ALD). It can help children with hearing problems get the help they need so that they can grow academically and socially. KUDUwave is the tech-powered audiometry system that can make all this possible, and more.

How Can KUDUwave Prime Help Occupational Healthcare Professionals?

KUDUwave Prime is truly the only mobile audiometry system in the market today providing occupational healthcare professionals with the potential for a significant return on investment while simultaneously enabling them to provide quality patient care.

With KUDUwave Prime, practitioners are able to offer the same quality care as traditional equipment (soundproof booth) in a portable format, and at a significantly lower cost. Healthcare professionals are able to expand their service offerings and grow their practice.

With KUDUwave Prime, practitioners can work in any environment reaching patients wherever they are. It has been tested and found to work comparably to booth testing in areas where there are loud noises such as factories, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and public places.

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