KUDUwave™ Eartips

KUDUwave Foam Eartips used for testing with the KUDUwave Audiometers

Contact us to order your custom disposable KUDUwave Eartips:

200 x Large/Adult Eartips (yellow) $69.00
200 x Small/Pediatric Eartips (beige) $69.00

How to Connect Foam Eartips

Step 1

Insert the brass coupler into the ear tip until it sits flush with the coupler’s back ridge.

Step 2

Roll the ear tip evenly between your fingers, squeeze while rolling to reduce its size, and then place it within the ear canal.

Step 3

When inserting the ear tip, pull the pinna up and back for adults, or straight back for children, while gently wiggling the ear tip back and forth and pushing into position.

Step 4

Ensure a deep insert where the back of the ear tip is flush with the outside of the ear canal.

Step 5

Hold the ear tip in position to allow the foam to expand and fill the ear canal. Only the back of the ear tip should be visible.

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