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KUDUwave is a boothless audiometry system that empowers hearing healthcare professionals with the versatility they need for truly mobile hearing testing and diagnostics, offline and online. This revolutionary concept breaks geographical barriers enabling gold standard hearing tests (along with tympanometry) to be conducted just about anywhere. KUDUwave combines evolving technology and connectivity to help hearing healthcare professionals do more with less. The KUDUwave optimizes a repertoire of audiology services that includes telehealth audiometry. This technology has helped to sustain hearing care services even through the COVID-19 adversity.

The KUDUwave family of boothless audiometers meets all the requirements needed for modern-day practice offering high-fidelity testing and reliability. The KUDUwave is small, lightweight, and the most cost-effective audiometry machine in the market today. KUDUwave can be used in occupational/domestic environments, clinics, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes by audiologists, occupational/industrial health service providers, ENT and general practitioners. Automated testing options enable anyone that has been trained to operate the KUDUwave to conduct hearing tests under supervision of a medical professional. 

KUDUwave audiometer prices start as low as $3850 in the US.

KUDUwave Key Features

Full Spectrum, Boothless Audiometry Testing

Combining world-class technologies, KUDUwave utilizes state of the art eMoyo EMR software, a full-featured patient management system, for evaluating pure tone boothless audiometry (bone conduction and air conduction) and speech testing (word recognition, speech recognition, and more). KUDUwave technology outperforms the single-walled audiometric test booths making it the superior choice for hearing conservation, occupational health, diagnostics or high-frequency testing.

Intuitive Audiometry Software

The eMoyo EMR software behind the KUDUwave boothless audiometers has been carefully and thoughtfully engineered to bring best-in-class technologies together to help hearing healthcare professionals do more. KUDUwave works in almost any testing environment making truly portable audiological evaluation a reality. Clinicians can speed up repetitive tasks without compromising on quality, allowing them to spend more time on patient care and clinical work. What’s more? The eMoyo EMR core software comes absolutely free.

Unified Medical Records and Testing Tools

eMoyo EMR software offers an integrated patient management system and outstanding boothless audiometry tools allowing clinicians to easily switch between patient data capture, manual or automatic testing, record keeping and data access. Tele-audiology features such as assistive interpretation provides support for clinicians’ diagnoses.

Seamless Accessibility and Security

Patient data, test results, and clinical notes are easily accessible and fully secured through encryption technology both on a personal computer and users’ preferred cloud tools like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. No more paper records! Keep unlimited patient data and organize files as you want. Work offline, then synchronize and back up data to the cloud when you have a connection.

Automatic & Manual Testing

The eMoyo EMR software gives clinicians the liberty to switch between manual and automatic modes for boothless audiometric testing. Save time, and improve efficiency with automatic and repeatable screening processes. Setting KUDUwave to the automatic mode enables clinicians to “work while they work” allowing them to perform other vital tasks. Macros can be used to create customizable test protocols and multilingual auto-conditioning. Hop in anytime during the automatic testing process in real-time and switch to manual mode for more granular control.

Easy-To-Use, Intuitive Technology

The Windows-based eMoyo EMR software is easy to install with Plug & Play (USB) hardware and offers intuitive technology that is easy to operate for accurate, compliant testing. New customers have free Access to online training, which is easily accessible through the KUDUwave Academy. The KUDUwave headset is securely packed in a shock-absorbing portable case designed to withstand the rigors of travel.

How KUDUwave Boothless Audiometry Works

Boothless audiometry is made possible with the Ambi-Dome™ technology that is unique to KUDUwave and found in the earcups of a KUDUwave headset. This technology blocks sound through a combination of physical passive noise blocking and active noise monitoring technology.

The unique combination of dual circumaural ear cups and insert earphones provides Passive Attenuation comparable to a standard audiometric booth. During a hearing testing, ambient sounds are monitored in real time by integrated external microphones. Active Noise Monitoring simultaneously compares the intensity and frequency of the tone being presented and is an assurance against intermittent peaks in noise.

Clinicians have the option of choosing the manual method or set KUDUwave to the automatic test mode. During manual mode, integrated microphones monitor noise levels. Any noise that will affect the tone presented is marked and displayed on the live audiogram view. The clinician is then able to pause testing until the noise subsides or manually repeat the tone later in the test. Noise levels will also be indicated on the final report as a quality control measure.

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